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Zero-to-One Innovation & Commercialization

6massive Holdings is a Bleeding-edge technology holdings company.

Advanced Piracy& Infringement Detection

HashScout is a real-time copyright infringement and software piracy detection platform.

Real-TimeBrand Protection

AtSplat offers advanced brandjacking and Piracy Detection.

Dark CommodityIndexing & Analysis

The Dark Exchange is the worlds first active underground economy price index.

Threat Intelligence Done Intelligently

ThreatCraft offers intelligent, contextual, and measurable intelligence.

Management Consulting for Next-Gen Tech

ACRG tests next-generation intelligence, communication, and cyber tech.

Dynamic Gamingfor Tomorrow's Players

Desert Spider make every time, feel like the first time... game time, that is.

Cyber Compliancefor Government Contractors

Fed Biz Certs offers continuous, intelligent compliance and auditing for Government Contractors.

A Career Advisor in your Pocket

Jobobob is an intelligent app offering real-time career advice and job searching.

On-Demand DroneFeeds for a Fee

SightSwarm allows you to view active feeds of drones in the vicinity.

Why Sell It When You Can Lend it

TurnStuff is a marketplace for lending and borrowing of your unused stuff.

Continuous Human User Verification

Veurr provides active authentication beyond the keyboard with continuous biometric analysis.

Sell & Buy Leftovers Quickly and Easily

YouBites allows users to quickly sell and buy leftovers and home-cooked meals.

Community-driven Internet for Everyone

My Community Connection is a community-driven and inspired internet.

Artificial Neural Cyber Security

Destiny Horizon is cyber security, re-imagined and redefined.

Secured Mobile Incident Response

Silent Pawn securely connects stakeholders with incident response teams.

Steganography Detection Over IP

Continuously monitor your enterprise or cloud for covert and concealed data.

Outsourced COO & CTO Support

Behind most successful companies, there is a cadre of outsourced executives.

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